After 3 years of research and development, we newly launched the one and the only of photo quality printed aluminium composite panels. It's new print panel you never seen before. It's not just a prints, it's dream panels.

What is aluminum composite panel? 

Simply put, it is a sandwich, the upper and lower layers are aluminum sheets, and the plastic is sandwiched in the middle. This structure is very strong, and Aluminum will not mold or catch fire like wood do.


What is a Luxprinted panel?       

It is also an aluminum composite panel, but using the unique printing technology, the panel has ultra-high resolution, ultra-high gloss, ultra-wide color gamut, and ultra-high ink adhesion. This panel cannot be mass produced and is made for luxury furniture. We can make customized patterns for customers to make your furniture world unique. We print whatever you like.1.png

Advantages of Luxprin® high-gloss aluminum composite furnitures:

  • High gloss, realistic, unique, stylish:

    The customized panel has high gloss and a wide color gamut close to RGB, and the ultra-high resolution of 720*1440 makes the panel lifelike. We can make any patterns according to customer requirements such as texture of wood or stone, or any photo or patterns. The wear resistance coefficient of aluminum composite panel is several times higher than that of wood board, which can meet frequent daily use, and the color is still as new even after 10 years or more. And the panels can be replaced with different patterns to keep your furniture always fresh.


  • Moisture-proof and fire-proof:

    Compared with wooden furniture, aluminum composite panel furniture has the characteristics of moisture-proof and fireproof. Aluminum composite panel will not deform, mold or rust. Its water expansion rate is zero and aluminum alloy is a non-combustible material with excellent fire resistance.

  • Safe, environmentally friendly and no smell:1650776241144929.png

    The material is aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel, without any formaldehyde material, users can use it with confidence. And unlike wood panels that cannot be recycled, the recycling of aluminum alloy materials is very simple and can also bring recycling benefits.

  • Lightweight, strong and easy to maintain:

    Aluminum composite panels and aluminum honeycomb panels are lighter in weight and relatively stronger than wood or stainless steel, and maintenance only needs to gently wipe the dust.

  • Easy to install: Follow the steps of the manual or video for quick assembly.

We welcome designers, luxury brand furniture manufacturers to collaborate with us to design, assemble and sell in your country.




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