Aluwell® Copper composite panels facade


Aluwell® Copper composite panels have a noble appearance that distinguishes them from similar type of buildings. This material combines a wide range of colors, durability and functionality. 

Copper has a unique property to form a protective layer of patina (oxide film) on the surface. This allows facades and roofs, lined with copper composite panels Aluwell®, to serve up to 100-150 years or more. Oxide film protects the material from the effects of aggressive environment. So, for example, at mechanical influences it can be restored independently. Many centuries ago, the builders were known for the unique ability of copper to resist corrosion.

Aluwell®Copper composite panels are ALSO perfect for the interior of the room, and for cladding buildings for various purposes, including residential complexes. Noble metals such as copper, brass, stainless steel are now at the peak of popularity. Architects choose durable "living" material, because the facade of copper eventually acquires a unique shade due to the influence of the environment.

Aluwell® Copper Composite Panel is created by natural copper or natural brass as surface skin and aluminum as rear skin, by laminating with a polyethylene or FR mineral core to make the copper composite panel.  Both side copper skins are also available.

Aluwell® Copper Composite Panel is born in perfect, it not only feature the nature and noble of copper, but also feature the lightweight and easy-processing of composite panel.

Different ingredients such as metal alloy or oxidant level make the copper different colors, so the finish color of natural copper/brass can not be controlled and slight variation in each batch should be expected. The natural copper is bright red. After long time, they will be changed to dark red, brown color and patina color. It means copper have a lifetime. If there is clear lacquer (fingerprint free) on the surface, the color change will be prevented. But the surface oxidation also can be treated by artificial, and then change to different rich colors and patterns.


Aluwell®Raw Material:

Top Skin: Copper (Brass, Patina etc.)

Core Material: LDPE, FR, HFR, A2

Bottom Skin: Copper (Brass, Patina etc.) or Aluminum

Surface Finish: Natural, Clear Coat, Weathered, Patina

Key Advantages:

  • Excellent flatness and rigidity

  • Panels with large dimensions

  • Strong dimensional stability,

  • Solutions for complex shapes


high-end building curtain wall, roof and indoor and outdoor decoration

  • Thickness: 3mm-6mm

  • Width: 600mm/800mm/1000mm

  • Recommended length: 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm

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