After 3 years of research and development, we have recently launched the world's only photo-quality printed aluminum furniture composite panel. This is a panel you have never seen before. 

Aluminum composite panel is:

Simply put, it is a sandwich structure, the top and bottom layers are thin aluminum sheets, and the polyethylene is core in the middle. This structure is very strong, light weight and will not mold or catch fire.

Aluwell® Print Aluminum composite panel is:

Using dye sublimation technology on Aluminium composite panels. Which technology makes the image 100% transfer onto the panels through thermal transfer paper. Our Print Aluminum composite furniture panel has ultra-high resolution, ultra-high gloss, ultra-wide color gamut and ultra-high ink adhesion. We print whatever you like to see on your furniture.

Advantages of print aluminum composite furniture:

  • High gloss, realistic, unique, stylish:

The customized panel has high gloss and wide color space near RGB, and the ultra-high resolution of 720 * 1440 makes the panel lifelike. We can make any patterns according to customer's requirements, such as wood or stone textures, photos or samples. The wear resistance coefficient of aluminum composite panels is several times higher than wood panels, which can withstand frequent daily use, and the color is still like new after 10 years or more. And the panels can be replaced with different patterns to keep your furniture fresh.


  • Moisture and fire resistant:

Compared to wooden furniture, aluminum composite panel furniture has the properties of moisture resistance and fire resistance. Aluminum composite panel does not deform, mold or rust. Its water expansion rate is zero and aluminum alloy is a non-combustible material with excellent fire resistance.

  • Safe, environmentally friendly and odorless:

The material is aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel, without formaldehyde material, users can use it with confidence. And unlike wood panel which can not be recycled, aluminum alloy material recycling is very easy and can also bring recycling benefits.

  • Lightweight, strong and easy to clean:

Aluminum composite panels and aluminum honeycomb panels are lighter and relatively stronger than wood or stainless steel, and maintenance only need to be gently removed from dust.

  • Easy to install: Follow the steps of the manual or videos for quick installation.

We are now accepting small orders to customize your unique high glossy aluminum composite panel closet, kitchen cabinet and sideboard.

We invite luxury brand designers and furniture manufacturers to work with us to design, assemble and sell in your country.

OEM service are AVAILABLE.

It's a furniture panel, also a piece of fine wall art.




Aluwell® is a ACM brand produced by ALUMAX Composite Material Co.,Ltd.



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